C Campbell Consulting

Platform / Backend / Devops Platform Engineer

Consultancy and Contracting

  • Roles

    Head of Platform at Chip Financial

    Senior Platform Engineer at Chip Financial

    DevOps and Network Infrastructure Engineer (Contract) at BT

    DevOps Engineer (Contract) at early-stage startup (under NDA)

    Platform Engineer (Contract) at Ten Group

    Senior Engineer at Pass The Keys

    Database & CRM Engineer at Govnet Communications

    Founding CTO at Strike.ly

  • Government Funding

    Four years' experience with HMRC R&D Tax Credits, SMART Grants and H2020 SME Instruments

  • Strategy

    Strategy Director at Spacehive

    Strategy Unit at Department for Work and Pensions

  • Public Policy

    7 years as policy advisor in the Civil Service, advising on Operations, HR, Welfare Reform and Social Justice

    Writing PADA investment consultation, Harrington Review and Cabinet Committee on Social Justice

  • Technical

    Main languages & frameworks: Python, Django, Flask, DRF, React.js, Bash

    Secondary languages & frameworks: Jquery, Angular, Go

    Cloud: AWS (EC2, EKS, ECR, S3, Kinesis, Lambda, Route53, Boto, RDS) DigitalOcean

    OS & Tooling: Ubuntu, Debian, Alpine, Ansible, Fabric, Vagrant, Celery, Python-RQ

    CI/CD: CircleCI, Travis, Gitlab, Drone, some Bamboo and Jenkins

    Orchestration: Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm, Rancher, VSphere, Docker

    Databases: Postgres, Redis, MariaDB, SQLAlchemy, SQLServer

    On the horizon: MongoDb, Node.js, Android SDK

  • Academic

    PhD, The Coalescent State: Assemblages of Public Policy and Surveillance, 2019, University of Stirling

    MSc Political Communication, University of Glasgow

    BA(Hon), 1st, Business Law and Business, University of Stirling

  • Publications

    "The Coalescent State: Assemblages of Surveillance in Public Policy" – Surveillance Studies Network BiAnnual Conference 2014

    "Big Data and the Policy of Crime: Predictive Analytics in Societies of Mass Surveillance" – 2nd RESPECT Policy Workshop in Barcelona

    "Privacy as a Line of Flight in Societies of Mass Surveillance" – Ethical Space 2016

    "Revisiting the Surveillant Assemblage: 15 years on" (pending) 2019